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The Golden Rules (see below) should be followed at each meeting.

Watch for additional workshop details as well as registration forms in each issue of The Needleworker.

Regular Stitching Supplies

The following list of supplies are the most basic and will enable you to stitch most types of needlework. As you progress in your needlework, you may add other useful items.

1. Needle case with tapestry, embroidery and quilting needles in different sizes

2. Needle threader, if you use one

3. Thimble, if you use one

4. Pencil and gum eraser

5. Ruler

6. Notebook

7. Scissors, both embroidery and paper

8. Laying tool

9. Coffee mug

10. Hand-stitched name tag

11. Light and/or magnifier, if needed

The Golden Rules

1. Wear your name tag. This not only helps everyone's memory, but also makes you eligible for the door prize drawing. A 50-cent contribution to the prize fund is charged if you do not wear your name tag.

2. No food or beverage in meeting room until stitching is safely put away.

3. Kindly address your questions to the teacher and not to your fellow stitchers. There are no dumb questions.

4. Do not talk or whisper while your teacher is giving instructions; give her or him your full attention.

5. If your teacher does not mind conversation while you are stitching, please do so quietly.

6. Ask permission prior to photographing any of the teacher's samples or finished pieces.

7. Do not make unnecessary noise while business meeting is being conducted (i.e. pounding in tacks, talking, etc.).

8. Turn off cell phones.

Following these rules makes for maximum instruction and minimum confusion, plus happy stitchers and an instructor who looks forward to coming back!

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